Solo Zichy Palace

 My first Solo Exhibition in Zichy Palace in 01/2018 with nearly 80 works as an overview of techniques and painting styles.

Styla Design Days

 Styla Design Days 2017 as opening of a fully new luxury designer house with all you would need for home and exterior. Presenting art.

SCLC Leadership Meeting

 SCLA2017 Conference with focus on work environment, how much heart we put into our jobs, good and bad sides of personalities.

House Design

 Art designed for a living room with focus on decent, but yet visible art.  Abstract, modern technical paintings were used for decoration.   



My works include two main styles: fluid, mixed media using acrylic color on canvas and painting industrial, technical shapes on canvas.  Fluid, mixed media fascinates me for its endless possibilities of creating and getting various objects with a bit of thrill how the painting actually ends once it is dry. 

The other technical style roots back to my childhood, where I used to see my dad drawing projects of air-condition for big objects, which naturally lead me to architecture, design and technically based drawings.








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