2019 - Semester Exhibitions of Atelier Works - Bratislava

2018 - University of Fine Arts in Bratislava

2018 - Solo Zichy Palace - Bratislava

2017 - Trendy Design Days - Bratislava

2016 - Cultural Center Bratislava - Dubravka

2015 - Solo Ristorante San Marco - Vienna

I come from a business based environment with previous experiences from car industry, hospitality and IT.  These jobs challenged me in creativity, design and artistic part of  tasks. I took part in challenges for projects focusing on creating designer spaces for better work environment, new branding for a specific department or supported an international conference with drawings. All these activities led me back to art as such and made me think about it in much serious way.

Currently, I'm studying at the University of Fine Arts in Bratislava to widen my artistic studies in classical abstract art.  My intention is to search for ways how color itself can influence visual senses with giving minimal form and shape. Minimal color combination on canvas and their relations with minimal shapes gives me more space to create an illusion a viewer can refer to upon his/her own experiences rather than stick to a forms or figures.






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