2018 - Solo Zichy Palace Bratislava

2017 - Trendy Design Days Bratislava

2016 - Cultural Center Bratislava Dubravka

2015 - Solo Ristorante San Marco Vienna

I come from a business based environment with previous experiences from car industry, hospitality and IT.  Somehow, these jobs challenged me in creativity, design and artistic part of the task so lack of art was never a point to worry. I liked to take challenges in company projects on creating designer spaces for better work environment, new branding within company’s' departments or supporting various conferences with drawings describing presented themes. 

Currently, my works include two main styles: fluid, mixed media using acrylic color on canvas and painting industrial, technical shapes on canvas.  Fluid, mixed media fascinates me for its endless possibilities of creating and getting various objects with a bit of thrill how the painting actually ends once it is dry.  The other technical style roots back to my childhood, where I used to see my dad drawing projects of air-condition for big objects, which naturally lead me to architecture, design and technically based drawings.





Art, just like other jobs too, is about planning, thinking, designing and creating. Ideas become real designer places with personalised art.



For majority of my works, I use brush, acrylic colors and canvas.  Occasionally, I draw some parts of work or combine brush with pencil.



I used to prepare "one time" works for "one time" events defined by event organisators. These works were then either a part of meetings held.



Experience gained on exhibitions, either group or solo can definitely add value to my works presented. I plan and organise them in very detail.








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